Pot Kiln School

Pot Kiln School
Pot Kiln School

Saturday, 29 March 2014


Each child was allocated a ‘colour’ as soon as they attended Pot Kiln. Red, blue, green or yellow. (I was blue). It didn’t matter which class you were in, you were all given different colours. Each time you did something good you were awarded a ‘credit’. In reality it was a small coloured rectangular piece of card, which you’d then post into one of the wooden boxes in the hallway.
Each week, at assembly, the headmaster would read out the colour with the highest number of credits obtained during the previous week. It was all very competitive and I was always thrilled when ‘blue’ had won.

It would never have occurred to any of the children to acquire a piece of coloured card and cut it into rectangles to ensure that their colour won….
I remember getting my name in a merit book (an honour indeed) for a piece of creative writing called “Granny Wallen’s Kitchen” (I have no idea why I chose that name!) I also remember having a picture hung up in Gainsborough House… it was a collage, made of scraps of material, and it was a bride!

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