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Pot Kiln School
Pot Kiln School

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Making Stuff...

I remember spending the vast majority of my time making stuff with coloured paper, cardboard, paint and glue. Paper mache on balloons, with bits of old cardboard egg boxes made fantastic (large) piggy banks when painted bright pink. However, it wasn’t easy making the coin slots in their backs when you were only ever allowed to use blunt scissors with rounded ends.
I made a picture of a bride on some black paper, using bits of fabric. My creation was subsequently displayed in Gainsborough House!
Sewing classes consisted of large blunt needles, thick coloured thread and stiff cream coloured squares of a cotton-like material, which had enormous holes in.
Often the glue was like wallpaper paste and we used little white plastic spatulas to spread great globules onto whatever we were making. Other times we used Copydex…..what a stink!!

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