Pot Kiln School

Pot Kiln School
Pot Kiln School

Saturday, 29 March 2014

The School Layout...

I remember the entrance gate at the bottom of the hill. To the left were some portakabins.
The caretakers bungalow was to the right, and behind it was a flat grassy area which I remember was used for sports days.
Walking on the path up the hill, to the left was the playground, with a small metal climbing frame and the ‘notorious’ tunnel. It was on these grassy fields that we played such innocent childhood games as ‘oranges and lemons’ and ‘farmer wants a wife’. Further up the hill, behind the playground, up another slope were the netball courts. Further still was the swimming pool, enclosed in a short wooden fence.
To the right of the path was a road and at the top of the hill was the tarmac playground, with hopscotch grids marked out in white paint.

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