Pot Kiln School

Pot Kiln School
Pot Kiln School

Friday, 28 March 2014

The Teachers...

Mr Collier (Headmaster)
Miss Game
Mrs Cave
Miss Wonfer
Mrs Mulvaney
Miss Steggles
Miss Challis (Had a limp)
Mr Chatters
Mr Ager
Mr Dewy
Mr Beaver
Mr Stebbings (Caretaker)

I don’t recall the names of many male teachers, but back in the 1960′s I don’t suppose that many men chose Primary School Teacher as a career.

However, I do recall that there was at least one male teacher. I have no idea of his name or what he looked like. I just remember feeling embarrassed one day because he’d asked us all to draw pictures of mermaids. I assume it was a perfectly innocent request, although I still squirm at the thought of a class full of small children being asked to draw what was essentially topless ladies….

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  1. Mr James, Mrs Penfold and Miss Baker are names I remember along with your list.